2dock doubles the real estate of your iPhone’s Dock

iPhone Dock is one of those features which can make iOS superior over other operating systems. Actually iPhone Dock is the menu bar alike feature for iPhone. At the dock, you can keep the 4 frequently used apps as quick access. In stock iOS you have the option of only 4 apps keep on Dock. But if you iPhone is jailbroken then you can keep 8 apps means 2 rows at dock. Are you wondering how you can get this thing? 2dock is the Cydia/Sileo tweak which enable iPhone users to keep 2 rows of apps at the dock.

Jailbreaking Tweak 2dock

2dock is developed by the Nepeta which is already a renowned iOS developer. They are involved in giving us many useful tweaks. Now their 2dock tweak is ready to enhance our iPhone usability. As shown in the screenshot you can see 2 rows of the dock. This tweak is working fine and no issues will annoy users.

The good thing about this app is users don’t need to configure settings of 2dock. This tweak is plug and plays just download and use. The only thing which you need to do is to jailbreak your iPhone. Do you want 2dock on iPhone, iPad, iPod etc? Install it for free from Nepeta’s repository in Cydia or Sileo.


Not all iPhone users know about jailbreak and its technicalities. Actually it’s not difficult to jailbreak the iOS device. Most of the iOS users don’t have a sense of it. So for their guidance, we have posted many guides and many ways to Jailbreak iDevices. Here are few of them, visit one according to the iOS version of your iPhone. To know iOS version go the Settings and tap on About.

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