How to Add BigBoss repository to Sileo

If you missed it, @0ptimo has formally executed SHA256 for the BigBoss repo, making ready for full Sileo support. CoolStar has reported that an up and coming Sileo update will actualize the authority BigBoss storehouse out of the container, yet why pause?

In this guide, we’ll demonstrate to you how you can add BigBoss repo to your Sileo bundle manager at the present time. To include the recently updated BigBoss repository to your Sileo package manager.

add BigBoss repository to Sileo

How to Add BigBoss repository to Sileo:

1: Launch the Sileo package manager on your jailbroken device.

2: Tap on the Sources tab at the base of the app.

3: Tap on the + button at the upper right of the app.

4: You will now be prompted to include a storehouse URL. Erase the pre-stacked “https” content string and after that glue the accompanying URL into the content box:

5: Tap on the Add Source button.

Sileo will now stack the BigBoss repo. You may see 404 errors, for example, these:

404 errors in bigboss repo

You’re altogether done!

Note: You can overlook those 404 errors. If you tap straightforwardly on the recently included BigBoss vault, you’ll discover the majority of its accessible bundles, as so:


Wrapping up

If you totally can hardly wait for the up and coming Sileo update that brings local BigBoss backing to Sileo, then the steps in this instructional exercise will enable you to limp along for the present. Then again, we’d firmly exhort simply hanging tight for the official execution, as it might iron out a portion of the blunders.

Is it true that you are eager to use the authority BigBoss vault in Sileo instead of the repoproxy adaptation? Talk about why or why not in the remarks area beneath!

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