How to Download SpinThatRecord for iOS 12 – Animated vinyl records to the Spotify Music app

Spotify is one of the finest music apps ever created. Finest means the best of all time. No other music app can come closer to database, fanbase, music collection and popularity of Spotify. Even Soundcloud looks like a Squirrel infront of this music mountain. Spotify contains millions of songs, tracks, rhythms, melodies. It includes all official and original songs. These all aspects makes Spotify a complete music sensation. It doesn’t mean that we can’t make Spotify better. You have iPhone and little bit sense of jailbreaking, you can make Spotify interface better. Especially when SpinThatRecord comes into my knowledge I was excited. I was craving to get it on my iPhone 7 plus.


Like the app, the name tells it will be related to old recorders gramophone, etc. Actually, this tweak function is so simple. It just changes the music player background. Instead of the dead wallpaper or image, it shows the Animated vinyl recorder. It gives us some retro feelings and 20th-century nostalgia. Downloading SpinThatRecord is not rocket science, it is so simple and easy. Just like our recent post for downloading ModernSwitcher the procedure of installing SpinThatRecord on iOS for Spotify is same. Credit goes to Menuskha for developing this satisfying tweak.


Users can set the rotation of record spinner according to seconds. Means how many times will rotate in every second. Toggle SpinThatRecord on or off anytime as per your choice. It works only with the jailbroken device. If your iPhone is not jailbroken yet! Visit our guide by clicking on the below button.

After jailbreaking, your iDevice will be ready to install SpinThatRecord Tweak. Remember this tweak will only compatible with Spotify doesn’t support any other music player.

1: Launch the Sileo package manager on your jailbroken device.

2: Tap on the Sources tab at the base of the app.

3: Tap on the + button at the upper right of the app.

4: You will now be prompted to include a storehouse URL. Erase the pre-stacked “https” content string. After that glue the accompanying URL into the content box:

5: Tap on the Add Source button.

6: Search for the SpinThatRecord in the repo and install it.

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