Best Chimera Jailbreak Tweaks – Top 30 of Jailbreaking

Here are the Top 30 Best Chimera Jailbreak Tweaks. Chimera is quite a popular tool in jailbreaking. This tool let us jailbreak iPhone, iPod, iPad, and devices supported by A12 and iOS. The reason behind its popularity is semi untethered jailbreaking. Technology is moving towards wireless connectivity. In chimera cases, you don’t need to connect your device with laptop most of the times. That’s why people to use Chimera to jailbreak iOS 12 iDevices.

Recently we started our ranking series. We have ranked top tweaks, tricks and other stuff related to jailbreaking. Go and check them, its time to do some tweak shopping for free. Pick the best one for you. iPhone XS Max, XS, XR or 2018 iPad Pro are compatible for most of the tweaks. Today, we are ranking best Chimera Jailbreak Tweaks which are ruling over iPhone and other iDevices, etc.

Note: You have to pick one from Cydia or Sileo before installing these tweaks.

Top 30 Best Chimera Jailbreak Tweaks

Top 30 Best Chimera Jailbreak Tweaks:

So viewers below table shows which tweaks are trending nowadays. Most of the tweaks are updated probably. First 20 have already shown presence and their new version launch timely. The last column Tweaks are totally new. They are more advanced and more useful. This compilation is truly the best of jailbreaking.

Swipeselection Bolders Bubbles
Textyle Jellyfish ReProvision
Photomanager iOS 12 Asteroid Gesto
Boxy 3 Jumper Sileo No Banner
Zeinth Xeon SelectMoji
SugarCane12 Shuffle SafeShutDown
Togglow Essentials FolderControllerXII
iCleanerPro MISC Settings CC On & Off
NFCWriter BetterSettings Scribble
Cydia for Chimera/Electra Animoji 12.2 Blurification

Sources for A12 Jailbreak Tweak:

To use all of the above top 30 Chimera Jailbreak Tweaks, you need to change some setting in Sileo or Cydia. You have to add the sources mentioned here.

  1. Copy the URL.
  2. Open Sileo, go to the Sources.
  3. Tap on Add option.
  4. Paste the URL.

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