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How to Download Modernswticher on iOS 12

App switching is the common feature which every major operating system has in stock. This feature makes users enable to switch on the next app without closing the previous one. In this way, users can operate multiple apps at a time. In iPhone, we have the recent tabs which appear on double-tapping the home button. We can easily switch to any app which we have opened recently unless you clear all tabs. If you are a technology geek and love to do operating system modification and customization than surely you will like to download ModernSwitcher.

Download Modernswitcher for iOS 12

Modernswitcher is the tweak which contains a little bit more feature than an iOS stock switcher. It is developed by the iOS developer MTAC. This switcher also presents minor visual enhancements to current stock iOS feature. Overall, we can say it Nice! As per the compatibility concern, this tweak supports the jailbroken iOS 12 devices. If you don’t know how to jailbreak iOS than we have posted an ultimate guide to Jailbreak all iOS devices. You must visit it, through the guide you can jailbreak iOS 12 to make it ready for using Modernswitcher.

How to Download Modernswticher on iOS 12

This tweak is included in the MTAC’s beta repository. You can pick it free of cost from there. Still, can’t understand how to do it? No problem! here are the steps to download and install Modernswitcher tweak on iOS 12 using Sileo.

1: Launch the Sileo package manager on your jailbroken device.

2: Tap on the Sources tab at the base of the app.

3: Tap on the + button at the upper right of the app.

4: You will now be prompted to include a storehouse URL. Erase the pre-stacked “https” content string and after that glue the accompanying URL into the content box:

5: Tap on the Add Source button.

6: Search for the Modernswitcher in the repo and install it.

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