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How to Automatically Restart a Mac After Crash

Do you need your Mac to continue running regardless? You should ensure that if your PC crashes or there’s a concise power blackout in your general vicinity, and you aren’t close to your Mac, that it restarts without anyone else.

With a simple Terminal command, you can make your Mac consequently restart after an accident and here are the means by which alongside a couple of other Terminal tips.

Automatically Restart a Mac

Open Terminal

Open Terminal on your Mac one of these ways:

  • With Finder open, click Go > Utilities from the menu bar and pick Terminal.
  • Snap Applications > Utilities from your Dock and pick Terminal.
  • Open Spotlight Search and enter Terminal.

Terminal commands to naturally restart your Mac

Now, enter the accompanying Terminal direction into the window and after that hit Return.

sudo systemsetup - setrestartfreeze on

Enter your password, hit Return yet again and that is it. You ought to never need to enter this direction again.

To turn off the programmed restart, use the accompanying direction.

sudo systemsetup - setrestartfreeze off

What’s more, to check the status of your programmed restart, enter this direction.

sudo systemsetup - getrestartfreeze

Terminal commands to keep your Mac on

Suppose you need to keep your Mac on for a specific measure of time without resting, for example. Rather than opening System Preferences and making changes in Energy Saver, simply use the accompanying order.

caffeinate -t [seconds]

In this way, if you need your Mac remains on for state 60 minutes, enter the number of seconds for 60 minutes:

caffeinate -t 3600

You can likewise use the accompanying direction to keep your Mac on for all time as long as Terminal is running:


To stop a “stimulate” order, use the console alternate route Control + C in the Terminal window.

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Wrapping it up

Having your Mac restart naturally after an accident or keeping it on when you need it most are both simple to do with straightforward Terminal directions.

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