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How to Customize Colors and Fonts in Mail App on Mac

The Mail app on your Mac is presumably one of the most used apps you have. Except if you settle on an outsider email app that gives you a chance to use subjects and hued skins, you’ve likely officially seen that you can’t change the appearance of the inherent Mail app much, except if you simply need Dark Mode. Yet, with a couple of little tweaks, you can redo the text styles and hues.

For your message rundown, messages, and cited content for advances and answers, here’s the manner by which to tweak those textual styles and hues in the Mail app.

Change the Mail app textual styles and hues

Open the Mail app on your Mac and access the settings with Mail > Preferences from the menu bar. Then, select the Fonts and Colors tab at the top. Here are your alternatives and how they work.

Message list Font:

This is the textual style and size used in your message list. It’s set to Arial Regular 12 as a matter of course and must be changed if you use the great design. The great format puts the message list on top (as opposed to one side) and message content on the base (as opposed to one side).

To use this view rather, click the Viewing tab and imprint the container at the top for Use exemplary format.

Message Font:

This is the textual style and size you’ll use in your messages by default and applies to new messages, answers, and advances. This setting will apply to all messages you compose; be that as it may, you can change specific messages by altering the text style and size in the email window.

Fixed-width textual style:

This is the textual style and size for plain instant messages instead of those organized as HTML. You can likewise check the crate for Use fixed-width textual style for plain instant messages if you need each character to be a similar width which can be useful for arrangement.

To change any of the above text styles, simply click the Select button alongside it. In the spring up window, start from the left and pick your Collection, Family, Typeface, and Size

Shading cited content:

When answering to or sending an email, some portion of the message you’re sending is cited. You can have the content shaded notwithstanding the indented lines you see for the statements by watching that crate.


Click each drop-down box to choose the shading for the indented lines for the cited content. This will likewise change the content shading if you check the above box.

Wrapping it up

You probably won’t be capable change the wrapper of the Mail from dark to purple or blue. And you will most likely be unable to use topics for spring and summer. However, with these little transforms, you can modify a portion of the Mail app’s appearance on your Mac.

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