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How to Fix “Analyzing Library” Problem in iOS 13 Photos App on iPhone

In our recent rectification guide we told our viewers that iOS 13 update will take some time to adjust. There are alot of major changes in this update that’s why new version causing minor problems. For example, we guided viewers on how to fix iPhone activation error after iOS 13 update. And, now users reported “Analyzing Library” Problem in iOS 13 Photos App on iPhone. Well, these are the nanosize issues. You can fix these at your own. We are suggesting some easy solutions to fix these errors.

Fix “Analyzing Library” Problem in iOS 13 Photos App

First, you must have a look at what changes are made in iOS 13 for photos. Pictures layout, editing options, the addition of filters and many more features are added. New photos app is admirable, even thumbnail view looks adorable. Facing a small issue for such awesome features is not a bad deal. Now coming back to the issue, follow the below procedure to fix “Analyzing Library” issue in iOS 13 Photos App on iPhone and iPad.

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How to fix “Analyzing Library” taking too much time

Maybe the issue is with your device only. First, confirm the issue from any other iPhone users who also updated his iPhone to iOS 13 then follow the below procedures. You need to avoid a circumstance which is using a phone while charging. Its is dangerous physically too. Never use your phone during charge. If you are facing “Analyzing Library” problem on iPhone while connected with charger than remove the power cable. Or, leave the phone untill 100% charge.

Delete the duplicate photos

If you iPhone contains duplicate photos than you need to remove those first. Here are the steps by which you can delete duplicate photos on the iPhone.

1) Open Photos app on your iDevice.

2) To arrange your pictures in chronological order, select Photos at the bottom of this screen.

3) Tap on Select option at the top right of the screen.

4) Click on the photos you want to delete.

5) Now click on the dustbin icon at the bottom right of the screen.

6) Tap on the Delete X Photos message. If you have any change in plan than tap on cancel option.

Soft Reset iPhone:

This solution can rectify the “Analyzing Library” taking too much time problem. It is the first remedy which every software expert suggests in case of any software malfunction. Soft Reset is also known as “Restart” or “Reboot” in simple terms.

  1. Press and hold the power button untill Slide appears.
  2. Slide the button to turn off the iPhone.
  3. Leave device is off condition for 2 minutes.
  4. Turn on your iPhone again by holding the power button.


If you have updated your iPhone forcibly than we recommend downgrade to previous version. Not all iPSW files are authentic some are corrupted too. It’s our observation that you should wait for the stock update. So, you can update iOS 13 on iPhone manually and officially.

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