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How to Fix iPhone LTE Calling and SMS Issues (iOS 12.1.2)

Recently, numerous iPhone users have revealed LTE Calling and SMS Issues on their gadgets. They have done everything conceivable except this issue hasn’t been settled. All in all, how to Fix iPhone LTE Calling and SMS Issues? How might it be tackled?

Discussing the fixes; there are some attempted and tried traps that have tackled the wreckage for a long time. What’s more, just in some rarest cases, you may need to travel a bit excessively far. Without holding up any further, how about we give them a shot to dispose of the issue!

How to Fix iPhone LTE Calling

How to Fix iPhone LTE Calling and SMS Issues :

Do you possess iPhone X, 8 Plus, 6S, SE or some other model running on iOS 12 and is facing issues with LTE calling and SMS? Learn out how to fix these issues effortlessly with no reclamation from.

In the realm of cell phones, we as a whole need new and updated forms as we get exhausted using the bygone one. At whatever point another product update is discharged, we need to update our iPhone to it at the earliest opportunity. Same occurred with iOS 12.1.2 when it was discharged.

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Check Your Cellular Connection

Numerous a period, simple traps work wonder in understanding notwithstanding irritating issues. In this manner, we are going to specify a portion of the fundamental hacks first. If they click, you won’t need to look any further.

For one thing, guarantee that 3G/4G is empowered on your gadget. Indeed, it may sound somewhat entertaining. In any case, now and again, fundamental things do will, in general, leave our psyche. In this way, it’s smarter to look at them forthrightly.

  1. Head over to Settings > Cellular/Mobile Data. Turn on the switch.
  2. At that point, tap on Cellular/Mobile Data Options > Enable 4G > Choose Voice and Data.
  3. Turn Mobile Data on/off a couple of times. It may illuminate the issue right away.

Switch Airplane Mode

Switch Airplane Mode iPhone

Turning on Airplane Mode and after that turning it off following a couple of moments may understand the 4G/3G or LTE availability. To do as such; swipe up iPhone Screen (On iPhone X Series, swipe down from the upper right corner) and Turn On and Off Airplane Mode.

Take out and re-insert SIM Card/Restart Your iPhone

Some of the time, restarting your telephone can consequently fix a couple of issues. We should check whether it can help.

  1. Turn Off your iPhone.
  2. Evacuate the SIM card and reinsert it.
  3. Restart your device: Press and hold on the Power/wake button and when the red slider shows up, drag it to turn off your gadget.
  4. Sooner or later, press and hold on the Power/wake button to switch on your iPhone.

Turn Off SIM PIN

SIM PIN iphone

Turn off SIM PIN, if you have unintentionally empowered it. SIM PIN is used to anticipate access to the cell information arrange. If you need to use cell information, you have to enter the PIN when you swap SIM cards or happen to restart your iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular Models). One thing is to be recalled that; it applies to gadgets that work with SIM card.

  1. Open Settings > Scroll down and tap on Cellular.
  2. Tap on SIM PIN > Switch off SIM PIN.


There are a few bearers which furnish default SIM PIN empowered with their SIM Cards. You can contact your bearer to check your default SIM PIN.

Contact Your Carrier

  • If no karma yet, contact your bearer promptly and clarify the issue.
  • Contact your bearer to ensure your record is appropriately set up and there is no issue with the present information plan.
  • Look at the blunder messages in the transporter logs.

Update The Carrier Settings

To help the execution or resolve the current bugs, the bearer suppliers in some cases present updates. In this way, make sure you have updated the bearer on your cell phone.

Go to Settings > General > About > look at the carrier version. If an update is accessible, put it all on the line.

Reset Network Settings

Reset Network Settings

Resetting Network settings can bring the arrangement. In any case, before pushing forward with the procedure, you should know that resetting the system will evacuate all the past settings, for example, Wi-Fi passwords, VPN settings, favored system, and so on.

  1. Open Settings > Tap on General > Scroll down and Tap on Reset.
  2. Tap on Reset Network Settings > Enter your iPhone Passcode and Confirm.

Update your iOS

iOS update has a past filled with comprehending huge amounts of irritating issues. If you haven’t updated your gadget for some time or if there is a product update in the pausing, don’t neglect to redesign. At the point when your cell phone is associated with Wi-Fi.

  1. Open Settings > Tap on General > Tap on Software Update.
  2. Tap on Download and Install > Tap on Install.

Restore Your iPhone As New

Restore Your iPhone

If every one of the arrangements referenced above and traps haven’t fixed the issue, reestablishing your iPhone can function if all else fails. Before pushing forward, you should back up your gadget. Reestablishing your iPhone as new will erase every one of the media and information and install the most current rendition of the product.

  1. Connect your iPhone with Mac or PC > Launch iTunes.
  2. Select your iPhone from the left menu > Click on Restore iPhone.
  3. Snap on Restore and Update to affirm.

You can also try this method:

Rather than trusting that an official discharge will fix this issue, you ought to feel free to pursue the underneath steps so as to dispose of this issue.

  1. Head to “settings” on your device and after that tap on “Cell Mobile/Data“.
  2. Ensure that Cellular Mobile Data switch is ON and after that tap on “WiFi Calling“.
  3. Subsequent to coordinating to the following page, essentially cripple the “WiFi Calling Feature“.
  4. From that point forward, return and tap on “Cell Mobile Data options“.
  5. You will see “Enable 4G” choice, tap on it and afterward pick “Data only“.
  6. Finally, restart your device and you are a great idea to go.
  7. However, By following the above steps, you won’t almost certainly make voice over LTE calls.

We hope that this guide is more than enough for you to Fix iPhone LTE Calling & SMS Issues.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I fix my iPhone LTE?

A. Follow the guide above and you’ll find your answer

Q. Should I Enable LTE on my iPhone?

A. Well, if you want to enjoy your internet to the fullest, then you must enable LTE on your iPhone.

Q. Why is my cellular data not working on my iPhone?

A. It could be due to any reason. We have mentioned several fixes above. Try them and see which one works best for you.

Q. Does LTE use more battery?

A. Comparable to 3G, yes LTE uses more battery. But that also depends on your internet. If it is fast and smooth, then you can enjoy LTE without much battery loss. Moreover, modern devices pack a real strong battery, so they’ll last quite a while even with LTE on all the times.

Q. How do I fix my cellular data not working?

A. Follow this guide to fix this issue: How to Fix Cellular Update Error on iOS 12/12.1.2?

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