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How to Play WhatsApp Audio from Notifications in iPhone

Gradually WhatsApp, or is it WhatsApp from Facebook? , is introducing interesting improvements and while we wait for the desired dark mode۔ ثhe company is testing another series of improvements. As discovered in the latest WhatsApp beta! We will soon be able to listen to the audio messages from the notification without having to enter the app.

This new feature has been discovered by WABetaInfo and is expected to reach end-users very soon. When a function reaches one of the public betas of WhatsApp it means that there is very little left for end-users to enjoy. By the way, anyone can try these betas of WhatsApp in case you are interested.

WhatsApp Audio from Notifications

It will no longer be necessary to enter WhatsApp to listen to a voice note

The latest beta that has launched the company, WhatsApp Messenger, or WhatsApp Business beta It has already had this new feature available and the first images of its operation have already appeared.

This novelty is coming progressively and at the moment it seems to work like this:

  • Voice message playback: probably available in the beta version if the last digit of your phone number is odd.
  • Audio file playback: probably available in the beta version if the last digit of your phone number is even.

This is simply because it is a beta test. But WhatsApp will incorporate all beta users and finally reach the final version. You can only respond to these audios with one message, not with another voice note.

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It is certainly a very interesting function, which will save us having to enter the app to listen to a voice note and answer it. We do not know how long it will take WhatsApp to introduce this function in the final version of your applications, but we will surely see it very soon.

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