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How to reduce data usage on iPhone – Tips & Tricks

Nowadays most of the operators offer us rates with a lot of data to spend. Even some offer us unlimited data. Unfortunately, not everyone can have such a rate. That is why in this world in which we can no longer do almost anything on our devices without the internet. We need some tricks to save data and not run out of them in the middle of the month.

reduce data usage on iPhone

How to know the data spent with our iPhone

All operators provide us with applications with which we can control the data we have spent month by month. That’s fine to get an idea of ​​the amount of data spent in general. Our iPhone, however, gives us the breakdown of what each application spends so that we know exactly which one we spend more on and which less.

For this, we go to “Settings” on our device, once inside we go to “Mobile data”. And at the bottom, it shows us in detail where we have spent our data. From this option, we can also activate or deactivate the use of mobile data by applications using the switch next to each of them.

Save data by deactivating “Wi-Fi Support”

This option, as Apple tells us, is designed to automatically use mobile data when the Wi-Fi signal does not work properly. The idea is very good but if we control it we can save some good data. The main problem is that many times we believe that we are connected to a Wi-Fi network without spending mobile data when in fact it is the opposite, as we explained in your day .

To activate or deactivate this function we will do it as follows:

  1. Open the “Settings” application
  2. Select “Mobile data”
  3. We go to the bottom of the hole where it says “Wi-Fi Assistance” and activate or deactivate the switch.

Tricks to save data usage

There are other functions of our iOS devices that can allow us to save data. Especially knowing in advance which is the most spent as we have seen before. We can disable features to achieve our purpose. For this we can use 5 tricks :

1. Background application updates

Open “Settings”, go to “General”, click on “Update in the background”. From there we can select one by one with their corresponding switches which we want to be updated in the background and which not. Or select in the option above if we want to not update any in the background. To do it only by Wi-Fi or to use Wi-Fi or data. Also if we disable this option we will save our device’s battery.

2. Configure the use of mobile data in the photos application

In this case, we will go to “Settings”“Photos”, click on “Mobile data” and inside it will give us two options to activate or deactivate:

  • Mobile data”: if we deactivate it, only the photos will be updated when we are connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Unlimited updates”: If we activate this option, the application of mobile data will not limit the application photos, which will cause us to run out of our monthly data.

3. Disable downloads on the App Store

We go to “Settings”, we look for “iTunes Store and App Store”, once inside it gives us the option to activate or deactivate the switch to “Use mobile data”. If we activate it when doing an automatic download, it will be done using our mobile data.

4. iCloud Drive

In this case, we can choose if we want the documents and data that we have stored in iCloud to be synchronized when we do not have Wi-Fi enabled or only by the latter method to not waste our precious data. This option can be changed from “Settings”“Mobile data” and we look at the bottom of the entire “iCloud Drive” with its corresponding switch next to it.

5. Streaming from Apple Music

If we go inside “Settings” to “Music” we can select several options in “Mobile data”, such as activating or deactivating the use of them, if we are going to transmit using mobile data or if we want it to be of high quality. We can also enable or disable downloading of songs when we are not connected to a Wi-Fi network. With this, we can save a lot of data, for example in my case the music application has spent 2.8 GB in the month.

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Disable mobile data completely

If after trying to save everything we can we look bad data and we have to take a desperate step we can choose to disable mobile data and turn our iPhone into a Nokia 3310 in which we can only receive calls. If we see ourselves in that situation, it would be enough to open “Settings”, press “Mobile data” and deactivate the corresponding switch.

I hope you never see yourself in the position of having to use this last option. In addition, there are also other tricks such as using the Safari reading list when we are connected by Wi-Fi to read later the web we want and of course avoid streaming video while connected to mobile networks.

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