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How to Use the Reminders App on iOS 13

With such a large number of cool updates to apps like Safari, Photos, and Files with iOS 13, Apple gave the Reminders app a pleasant facelift also. Alongside an improved look is upgraded usefulness that is long late. Anyway, what’s going on in Reminders? How about we investigate the new features and how to use this updated Reminders app on iOS.

Reminders App iOS 13

New Features:

  • Quick toolbar
  • Smart lists
  • Group lists
  • Customize lists appearance
  • Add subtasks
  • Integration with Messages
  • More attachments

Quick toolbar

Using the most well-known things you’d requirement for an update; the speedy toolbar puts four helpful buttons directly over your console. Include any of them with a tap.

Date: Choose from simple alternatives like today, tomorrow, or one weekend from now, or make a custom date and time.

Area: Easily set area based updates for when showing up home, getting in the vehicle, or custom areas.

Banner: Make an update or rundown thing stand apart by including a banner.

Photograph: Snap a photograph, connect one from your photo library, or sweep an archive

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Smart Records/Lists

One of the primary things you’ll see with the better than ever Reminders app is the Smart Lists. This presentation as boxes at the highest point of your Reminders screen and incorporate Today, Scheduled, Flagged, whatnot.

Updates collect these shrewd records to give you a speedier and simpler approach to explore to those significant undertakings.

Group lists

You can use a gathering to keep various records together. For instance, you can make a gathering for Home and put your Shopping and Grocery records inside it. To make a gathering, do the accompanying.

1. Tap Edit on the top and afterward Add Group on the base.

2. Give your gathering a name.

3. If you need to incorporate existing records to your new gathering, tap Include.

4. Tap the in addition to sign for each rundown you need to add to the gathering.

5. Tap the New Group bolt at the top to return and afterward tap Create.

You’ll see your new gathering with a folder symbol and the rundowns inside it on your fundamental Reminders screen. Note: You can fall the gathering for a more dense view and afterward extend it when required.

Customize lists appearance

If you’re somebody who likes to extravagant things up a piece or use specific symbols and shading coding for better association, then you’re in karma. You can alter the appearance of your rundowns with a lot of choices.

1. Tap to choose a rundown and after that tap the More (three-speck symbol. button on the top.

2. Choose Name and Appearance.

3. At the highest point of the following screen, you can change the rundown name if you like.

4. Below the name, you can pick a shading and symbol for your rundown.

5. Tap Done when you finish.

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Add subtasks

If you use daily agendas for work, then you definitely know how significant subtasks can be. The Reminders app now gives you a chance to include subtasks. Furthermore, you have two helpful approaches to make a subtask in Reminders.

To begin with, you can make a subtask simply like some other update inside the rundown you need. To make it a subtask, simply tap and drag it beneath another assignment or update.

The subsequent choice is basic as well.

1. Select the undertaking you need a subtask for and tap the Information (little letter “I”. button alongside the update.

2. Scroll down to and pick Subtasks (this territory likewise demonstrates the all outnumber of subtasks for that update..

3. Tap Add Reminder and fill in the subtleties for the subtask.

4. Tap Details to return and after that Done when you finish

Integration with Messages

One of the champion highlights in this adaptation of Reminders is the coordination with the Messages app. This gives you a chance to label an individual for a specific update and after that see a Reminders notification when you’re messaging with them.

1. Select the update and tap the Information button alongside it.

2. Turn on the switch for Remind me when informing.

3. Tap Choose Person and select a contact.

4. Tap Done.

Now you’ll see your contact’s name joined to that update. Then, when you speak with Messages, you’ll get a notification from Reminders.

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More attachments

As we referenced above, you can rapidly catch a photograph, snatch one from your library, or sweep a report to incorporate with an update using the snappy toolbar. Yet, you can likewise include a web link or connect a picture from inside the update.

1. Select the update and tap the Information button alongside it.

2. At the top, you’ll see a field for URL where you can enter a web link.

3. At the base, you’ll see a possibility for Add Image. If you tap it, you can snap a picture, check a report, or transfer one from your photograph library simply like with the fast toolbar.

==> You can include more than one picture and reorder them with intuitive.

4. Tap Done when you finish

Wrapping it up

This might be a ton to take in, however, these new highlights make the Reminders app a significantly more useful device than previously. Will it supplant an outsider app you’ve been using for updates and assignments? Or on the other hand, if it’s your go-to apparatus as of now, which new component would you say you are most eager to see?

Tell us your contemplations on the patched-up Reminders app beneath

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