OhMyFlash Jailbreak Tweak Automatically Turns Off your iPhone Flashlight

Your iPhone’s back confronting LED camera flash turns into a brilliant makeshift flashlight when there’s no other option, however, have you at any point looked at your handset’s battery level after unintentionally leaving your LED flash turned on? I have… and it wasn’t lovely.

With a recently discharged jailbreak tweak named OhMyFlash Jailbreak Tweak by iOS developer NoisyFlake, you can keep this from happening. The tweak executes an adjustable break period, after which your iPhone’s back confronting flash is naturally killed.

OhMyFlash Jailbreak Tweak

For most, it may appear to be difficult to overlook your iPhone’s flashlight being that it’s so brilliant. In any case, mishaps do happen; particularly amidst the day when the Sun is sparkling and you’ve recently used your flashlight to look someplace dim for something you’ve lost, for example, some change that fell between the middle reassure and your driver-side vehicle situate.

After installing OhMyFlash, you’ll locate a committed inclination sheet in the Settings app where you can arrange the tweak exactly as you would prefer:

OhMyFlash settings

Here, you can:

  • Switch OhMyFlash on or off on interest
  • Design the number of minutes that you need as a break period before the flash is naturally killed

Regardless of whether overlooking your iPhone’s flash isn’t something you do all the time. This tweak may be savvy speculation because it offers shabby protection against wearing out your LED flash or running your newly charged iPhone battery into the ground before you even get the opportunity to start your day.

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OhMyFlash Jailbreak Tweak is available for free:

If you’re keen on attempting OhMyFlash? Then you can download it for nothing from the Packix store in Cydia or Sileo. The tweak should bolster all jailbroken iOS 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 devices with back confronting LED flash capacities.

Note: Another as of late discharged jailbreak tweak called Hey!UrFlash does basically a similar thing as OhMyFlash, yet it isn’t free. In spite of the fact that Hey!UrFlash was in fact out first, we suggest attempting OhMyFlash if this usefulness is something you may require, as it would spare you from spending any cash for a to some degree straightforward tweak.

Will you install OhMyFlash? Or then again would you say you are certain enough in your LED flash-employing capacities? Tell us in the remarks segment underneath.

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