RomanPad brings Roman Numerals to your Dialpad on iOS

Roman numerals appear to make a rebound in prevalence, and for the individuals who request tastefulness from all that they contact, that is not really a terrible thing. Simply a week ago, we demonstrated to you a jailbreak tweak that balanced the Status Bar time to appear as roman numerals rather than standard numbers. Be that as it may, with a recently discharged and free extra called RomanPad (Beta) by iOS developer Similarly. You can appreciate a comparative encounter on any number of cushions in iOS. Including the password passage screen and the Phone app’s dial cushion.


Appeared above are a few instances of RomanPad at work. As you’ll see, the tweak keeps up Apple’s local structure stylish while supplanting every number manifestation with roman numerals.

Something else you might’ve happened to see is that the number cushion keeps on showing the little letter legends at the base of each key, and we like this a great deal.

In the wake of installing RomanPad, you’ll locate a committed inclination sheet in the Settings app where you can design the tweak exactly as you would prefer:

RomanPad settings

Here, you can:

  • Switch RomanPad on or off on interest
  • Pick what shows in 0’s place:
    • “- “
    • “0”
  • Enable or handicap letter help (the letter legends that appear at the base of keys)

In the wake of making transforms, you’ll need to tap on the red Apply button at the upper right of the inclination sheet to ensure those progressions produce results.

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RomanPad is available for free:

RomanPad is right now in its beta stages at the hour of this composition. Thus you may encounter a couple of hiccups to a great extent. That aside, it’s an incredible method to make your handset look more tasteful. And maybe even confound a potential troublemaker that doesn’t comprehend roman numerals.

If you’d like to give RomanPad (Beta) an attempt, then you can catch it free of expense from the Packix storehouse in Cydia or Sileo. The tweak underpins jailbroken iOS 11 and 12 devices.

Do you think these interfaces look better or more awful with roman numerals rather than numbers? Talk about in the remarks segment beneath.

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