SpinThatRecord brings animated vinyl records to Spotify

Spotify has what I’ve come to appreciate as one of the most delightful music players accessible for the iOS stage today. Yet that doesn’t mean there aren’t things I’d improve. Indeed, when I found out about the arrival of another jailbreak tweak called SpinThatRecord by iOS developer Menuskha. I was quickly interested.

Similarly, as the name infers, SpinThatRecord modifies the Spotify Music app’s local music player to such an extent that the collective work of art appears as a turning record instead of a halt square picture. You’ll see in the screen capture models over that the collection craftsmanship is now molded like a vinyl record. And underneath, you’ll locate a vivified GIF that exhibits how the tweak looks like the collection pivots:

SpinThatRecord is a tasteful touch to the officially astounding Spotify music player. However, you’ll likewise be happy to know that it’s completely configurable. The tweak adds an inclination sheet to the Settings app post-installation:


Here, you can:

  • Switch SpinThatRecord on or off on interest
  • Arrange a custom turn speed for the movement (in pivots every second)

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SpinThatRecord is available for free:

It’s implied that I like what SpinThatRecord looks like, however, everybody has a different taste with respect to what they’d like their handset to do subsequent to jailbreaking it. Considering that, the individuals who are keen on attempting SpinThatRecord can download it for nothing from Menuska’s beta store in Cydia or Sileo, and if you aren’t now using it, then you can include it by means of the accompanying URL:

It’s significant that SpinThatRecord just works with jailbroken handsets running the Spotify Music application. It’s not perfect with the local Music app or some other music player.

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