StickAround allows you to Pin your favorite cells on top of Settings App

If you’re in any way similar to me, then you likely use certain things in the Settings app more than others. Lamentably, iOS doesn’t make it any simpler to get to those things, paying little heed to how regularly you use them.

Here to change that about iOS’ Settings app is a recently discharged and free jailbreak tweak called StickAround by iOS developer Squ1dd13. With this tweak, you can stick your preferred inclination sheets to the highest point of the Settings app, making it significantly simpler to get to the things that issue to you the most.

As you can observe for yourself in the screen capture models above! You can swipe left on for all intents and purposes any inclination cell in the Settings app to reveal a green ‘Pin‘ button. Tapping on this button sticks the inclination cell to the highest point of the Settings app. Maybe obviously, you can likewise swipe left on any stuck inclination cell to uncover an orange ‘Unpin‘ button for doing the exact inverse.

The first occasion when you stick something with StickAround. The tweak cautions you that the stuck inclination cell gets copied and attached at the highest priority on the rundown:

StickAround settings

Basically, what this implies while the stuck inclination cell can make getting to your preferred inclination sheet simpler. It will hold its unique area in the Settings app notwithstanding the recently stuck site.

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StickAround is available for free:

Aside from the sticking capacities exhibited above, StickAround doesn’t accompany any alternatives to arrange. The tweak is a free download from the BigBoss store in Cydia or Sileo. And it underpins all jailbroken iOS 11 and 12 devices.

If you prefer the idea of driving StickAround? Then you may likewise need to look at a jailbreak tweak called SettingsCollapse.

Will you add StickAround to your jailbreak tweak weapons store? Leave a remark underneath talking about why or why not.

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